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Adela is an artist turned designer and web developer, with an acute passion for travel and photography. Born in Romania, she has travelled to 20 countries, some of them multiple times, and lived long term in Romania, UK, Canada and Spain. Adela likes to combine short breaks with slow travelling, choosing a home base to spend months or years at a time to really experience the place. At the moment she is working hard to make her travel lifestyle possible. Adela has recently started her own travel blog, and is planning to transition to blogging slowly by reducing her amount of work and investing more time into writing about her travel experiences. While the norm is to have a stable house she wants to experience what the world has to offer first. 

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How old you were you when you first went overseas?
The first time I went overseas was also when I relocated to Canada. At just 20 years old I packed two suitcases and made my way to Montreal, Canada, a country where I spent the next 8-9 years.

What do you remember about your first travel experience, or what is your first travel memory?
Originally from Romania, relocating to such a different place was of course a culture shock for me. But this was immigrating and not traveling! In 2009 I moved to UK and from there I’ve been hopping between UK, Spain and Romania, spending several years in each country. I’ve missed Europe so much and was determined to take advantage of the cheap flights and short distances to discover more! I remember thinking hey, travel is so easy! I loved seeing the architecture and eating new food.

What is something you would never travel without?
My camera for sure, as I love to take hundreds of photos, photography being another passion of mine! Also a second bank/credit card.. just in case.

Where is the nicest establishment you have stayed? Why was it special?
I would say Pullman Barcelona Skipper was a hotel that I couldn’t find any flaw! Every detail was perfect.

If you could recommend a place to a fellow traveler, where would it be?
Thailand for sure! Loved it so much, I’ll go back to spend a few months there, followed by a tour of South East Asia and maybe more!

Describe a culinary experience that stands out from a vacation abroad.
One hot August summer I wanted to go away from the beach and sun to cool off in the mountains. So in the French Pyrenees I’ve found this lovely B&B La Grange Aux Marmottes in a small village Viscos of maybe 10-15 houses. I had breakfast and dinner there for a week, and every day I was delighted with the culinary artistry! Actually people from around the area were coming here for dinner, although to get there the narrow mountain road is a little scary, they would still come and drive back at night!

What is your idea of an enjoyable vacation?
An ideal place will be very comfortable, with a pool or close to a beach, and probably in a tropical area or somewhere warm. I also would need to have lots of activities and places to visit close by, because more than two days of sitting by the pool or beach and doing nothing is already enough for me 🙂

Who would be your ideal travel companion?
Someone who understands my needs and likes and dislikes. For example I had some back problems and a back surgery and I’m not able to walk all day around without resting my back in between. And someone that would be on the same page as me and very reliable.

What do you miss the most when you are away from home?
I can’t say I have a home since I’ve been moving around for the past 17 years, but I miss my friends all the time, and having a place where I can practice my art and a place where I can store my stuff instead of getting rid of it and buying new things every time.

What country do you believe to be under-rated? What about overrated?
I would probably say New Zealand is under-rated. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages, and I’m sure I will! The landscapes and wildlife are just amazing! I think overrated is Greece. Maybe this opinion comes from spending so much time in Spain, and already being used to seeing beaches and ports.. but I have to say between Greece and Turkey I would choose Turkey any day.

Where is next on your list of places to travel to? Why?
I have a few short escapes planned: Tenerife and the week after in Seville, Spain. Also I’ve booked an apartment in the gothic area of Barcelona for all the month of July. August I’m still planning, and getting ready to book a week in Iceland in early September 🙂 And in the fall or early next year I will start my South-East Asian adventure, where I hope to be away for at least a year, if all goes well! No plans set in stone as I usually don’t finalise any plans that are too far away! The reason why I want to do all this travel is because you never know what tomorrow brings you. After my back issue, where I had to rely completely on others to feed me and take care of me and lifting a glass of water was a real mission, I realised there’s no moment to spare. So I travel now, while I can!

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