Tony’s most memorable travel moments…

This week’s Featured Traveler is someone with a lot of life experience: Mel’s father. Instead of selecting one of our many contributors for this week’s post, we wanted to mix it up a bit. Tony S. is a world traveler, who enjoys nothing more than a good book on European history and a cup of P.G. Tips tea. Although of Irish heritage, he was raised in London. He has visited various parts of the globe with his wife Cheryl by his side, often to see one of his three sons, or daughter and their respective families (who all love him very much). Thank you Tony for your wonderful interview!

Oh, and he doesn’t take part in social media.

RareJaunt: How old you were you when you first went overseas?
14 years old.

RJ: What do you remember about your first travel experience, or what is your first travel memory?
Our school had a long day trip to Paris. While sitting at a sidewalk café an Arab ran by us and disappeared left down the next street, followed shortly by a phalanx of gendarme in hot pursuit. This of course was a time when France was embroiled in the Algerian war.
Fifteen or so minutes later, the same fellow was frogmarched (unintended pun! Sorry!) by. I assumed ,the same gendarme that chased him.
An exciting first trip abroad!



RJ: What is something you would never travel without?
Not a something but a someone, My wife Cheryl. She is very good at organizing the minutiae of travelling; bookings, passports, money, packing, you name it she’s remembered it.

RJ: Where is the nicest establishment you have stayed? Why was it special?
My son and daughter-in-law’s house in Las Vegas. Obviously because of family, but also the location, situated in a gated community and right in front of the entrance to the main road.

RJ: If you could recommend a place to a fellow traveler, where would it be?
Hong Kong! A great, bustling, friendly, chaotic city with many delightful attractions, from the must of Victoria peak to riding the Star Ferry between Hong Kong island and Kowloon and enjoying the many interesting eating places.

RJ: Describe a culinary experience that stands out from a vacation abroad.
Via Brazil Steakhouse in Las Vegas. Succulent quality meats served by friendly and knowledgeable staff in delightful surroundings.

RJ: What is your idea of an enjoyable vacation?
Visiting my children who all live abroad. They are all stimulating conversationalists and full of great activity ideas, so one is never bored.

RJ: Who would be your ideal travel companion?
Cheryl for reasons above.

RJ: What do you miss the most when you are away from home?
Absolutely nothing.

RJ: What country do you believe to be underrated? What about overrated?
Holland. Why? there are many attractions that are not publicized enough, such as Arnhem open air museum, plus historical places like Corrie Ten Boom’s house in Haarlem.

RJ: Where is next on your list of places to travel to? Why?
Poland, I’m intrigued by Warsaw and Krakow and their history– particularly after talking to Polish friends.