Secondary income ideas

The prospect of earning a secondary income, or better yet, being paid to travel while earning money remotely is enticing to most.  It can mean a bolstering of personal monetary wealth, providing freedom to travel seemingly endlessly, and allowance for more than the occasional indulgence. To those not savvy to the means of doing so, […]

Treat yourself to a luxury eco-getaway in the beautiful Philippines

Eco Hotel Philippines is a three year old chain of green hotels. They make use of environmentally sound practices from construction to day-to-day operations. Their mission is to positively impact their local communities and be a positive influence to all their guests and fellow hoteliers. To learn more about their hotels, visit: or add on […]

Las Vegas in a Moment

A Las Vegas itinerary brought to you by Johnny Mac, as only he can….our map will be posted soon as well!    

Tokyo for First-Timers

Japan being one of our favourite visited countries and Tokyo one of our top five visited cities (if it’s possible to make such an important decision); here are a few of our top tips for first time visitors to Tokyo. Do download a metro map directly to your phone. This will prove to be necessary […]

Bhutan: Your Next Destination

Bhutan is a fascinating country, often overlooked in favour of India and Nepal. However, it is a gem not to be missed. We spoke to Managing Director Tenzin Jamtsho of Every Nation Tours about why you should visit his wonderful country! Be sure to visit their website to book your trip there! Every Nation […]

Pathfinder Awards is proud to announce our first in the new bi-annual series, the Pathfinder Awards. Our segments will be simple but spanning the entire globe: best in dining, best in accommodation, and best in transport (flights, tour companies and so-on). Let’s begin.   Best in Dining: Bridges Bali, Ubud Bali Beyond all doubt, one of […]

A charming getaway in Gran Canaria

What do you think of when I say Gran Canaria? If you’re from Europe, I daresay the words “forests”, “charming towns with sidewalk cafes and live music”, “lush valleys dotted with vineyards” are not first to your lips. However, you would be mistaken to overlook this gem, and we detail why below. Why visit Gran […]

Around the world with Sasha & Vincent

Traveling couple Sasha and Vincent tell us their colorful back stories, how they met and what have been the most rewarding travel experiences to date. Be sure to follow their continuing adventures by visiting their: Website: Instagram: @moganddogtravels and Jewellery instagram: @bitchesofbling   RareJaunt: What started you on your journey? Growing up As a […]