Mike Dickens, The Awkward Traveller

Rarejaunt.Com proudly presents Mike Dickens. After notching 37 countries into his belt, Mike shares with us his thoughts on early travel, culinary excursions in Vietnam, and recommendations for those on the road. Learn more about his journey at www.instagram.com/the.awkward.traveller My name’s Mike, I’m 29 years old and I love to travel and take photographs. Any […]

Lyon by Thibault

After staying with an old friend in Lyon last summer, we knew we wanted to feature it on the site. Our friend in question, Thibault, offered us an excellent itinerary for the video, with the only issue being that we didn’t want to butcher every, single, word…so his lovely partner Maelle offered to do the […]

El Nido, Palawan, Phillipines: For your consideration

While truly seasoned adventurers tend to avoid labels like “worlds most beautiful island, 2014” with full knowledge of the fact that they’re typically ill-gotten titles, the proximity of Palawan to where we were staying in China definitely made the leap more appealing. Granted we did not know about the label given to the island until […]

Cambodia….in 60 Seconds

Half a month of trekking in Cambodia has culminated in this….a sweaty, haphazard review of some pretty good stuff. Enjoy!

Amanda, The Aqua Traveler

Rarejaunt.com is proud to present Amanda, the Aqua Traveler. From trekking through Southeast Asia to aquatic exploration in Honduras, read about her awesome adventure below!   Learn more about Amanda’s journey on her Instagram page: http://instagram.com/aquatravelz Rarejaunt.com: How old you were you when you first went overseas, and what do remember about it? My first […]

Taking that leap of faith

This week we hear from the incredibly accomplished Krista, also known as Go4theGlobe – a blogger and world traveler, who hails from Seattle, Washington.  Below Krista tells us of her travel inspirations, her means of keeping financially afloat whilst on the road, in addition to the lessons she’s learned along the way. Be sure to […]

Pathfinder Awards

Rarejaunt.com is proud to announce our first in the new bi-annual series, the Pathfinder Awards. Our segments will be simple but spanning the entire globe: best in dining, best in accommodation, and best in transport (flights, tour companies and so-on). Let’s begin.   Best in Dining: Bridges Bali, Ubud Bali Beyond all doubt, one of […]

Top Memorable Culinary Experiences

After a long discussion with friends about some of our most memorable culinary experiences and the foods our taste-buds simply can’t forget, we have decided to share with you some of our personal picks for wonderful cuisine abroad.   Mumbai, India While there is no limit to the wide range of foods you can sample in […]