Secondary income ideas

The prospect of earning a secondary income, or better yet, being paid to travel while earning money remotely is enticing to most.  It can mean a bolstering of personal monetary wealth, providing freedom to travel seemingly endlessly, and allowance for more than the occasional indulgence. To those not savvy to the means of doing so, […]

Patrick Mackay talks to an old friend…

 Patrick worked as a Early Childhood Educator for 30 years, 25 of them running a preschool he started when he was 22. He then took on a new challenge when cannabis became legal in the U.S., working as a Union organizer in that industry throughout the Western States. He’s also managed to squeeze Paper Boy, […]

Chauna Travel_Buggs

  Chauna is a traveler by nature and always on the search for new experiences. After being asked by friends time and again for travel tips, she decided to start her own blog to help others plan their adventures. Her day job organizing exchange trips for international professionals gives her unique perspectives on sharing culture, […]

Facing the Peak of Fear

Facing the Peak of Fear by Shyla Ann   Shyla is 20 years old and has a deep love for adventure. She has a passion for writing and inspiring people through her words and loves being able to use her blog as a place to share personal moments and experiences, along with outdoor tips and […]

Getting Unplugged in Micronesia – Prasanna Vee

To read more about Prasanna’s travels, head to Located way out in the middle of the Pacific, Pohnpei is a compact & charming island to which no one you know has probably ever been. It belongs to the widely scattered Federated States of Micronesia, which also includes the archipelago Chuuk and the islands Yap […]

Featured Traveler: Bob Finnegan

Bob is from Dublin, Ireland. Addicted to travel since 2005 after a too short month of backpacking around Europe. The following year he moved to Australia with a number of stops along the way and since then he has been blessed to experience incredible (mis)adventures through Asia, Africa, Europe (again) and the Americas seeing the […]

Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia – Kathryn Rivers

@runawayteachertravels     To give a bit of background, Indonesia has long been a popular stop for those travelling around Southeast Asia or just those looking for a cheap, tropical getaway. Most tend to focus the majority of their stay on the island of Bali. However, this country contains over 17,000 islands meaning there is […]

Portia & Mitch On the Road

Portia Canning grew up in south east Queensland Australia until the age of 13 when her family moved to Cairns, Far North Queensland. There she attended high school and met Mitchell. After completing school she lived in France for three months as an au pair and returned to begin a bachelor of Nursing Science at […]

Vietnam Events, Winter 2019-2020

Networking, exclusive discounts, and major events from around Vietnam. Updated weekly. Hanoi Solid Colognes and Perfumes Experience life in the Mekong Delta Pitch Competition Saigon What’s going on in Vietnam The Best Tacos in Saigon Food Expo Single Malt and Cigars Night Full Moon Festival Dutch Pancake Night International Job Board Entrepreneur Cocktail […]

Mike Dickens, The Awkward Traveller

Rarejaunt.Com proudly presents Mike Dickens. After notching 37 countries into his belt, Mike shares with us his thoughts on early travel, culinary excursions in Vietnam, and recommendations for those on the road. Learn more about his journey at My name’s Mike, I’m 29 years old and I love to travel and take photographs. Any […]