Featured Traveler: Bob Finnegan

Bob is from Dublin, Ireland. Addicted to travel since 2005 after a too short month of backpacking around Europe. The following year he moved to Australia with a number of stops along the way and since then he has been blessed to experience incredible (mis)adventures through Asia, Africa, Europe (again) and the Americas seeing the […]

Katie’s Postcard speaks to RareJaunt

   Rarejaunt.com is proud to feature Kateřina of Katie’s Postcard fame. From her time in The Czech Republic to an epic jaunt across Asia, we are happy to share Kateřina‘s amazing story. You can find more of her story at these links: https://www.katiespostcard.com/20-photos-kuala-lumpur-itinerary/ https://www.instagram.com/katiespostcard/https://www.instagram.com/katiebitesworld/https://www.facebook.com/katiespostcard/https://twitter.com/Katiespostcard    My name is Kateřina, I am 29 and I come from […]

Tony’s most memorable travel moments…

This week’s Featured Traveler is someone with a lot of life experience: Mel’s father. Instead of selecting one of our many contributors for this week’s post, we wanted to mix it up a bit. Tony S. is a world traveler, who enjoys nothing more than a good book on European history and a cup of […]

The Man Who Brought Tourism to Vietnam By Chris Palahniuk

After holding an administrative post in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, Ngo Huy Phuong went on to become the chief accountant in the Vietnamese government, and then the nation’s first General Director of Tourism. He held this post for 15 years, and during the 1990s was part of Vietnam’s first delegation to the USA prior […]