Secondary income ideas

The prospect of earning a secondary income, or better yet, being paid to travel while earning money remotely is enticing to most.  It can mean a bolstering of personal monetary wealth, providing freedom to travel seemingly endlessly, and allowance for more than the occasional indulgence. To those not savvy to the means of doing so, it can potentially seem like an impossible feat. There is however no better time like the present to begin, as a single step is all one needs to launch this journey. Allow us to give you some great ideas to take on the road for your figurative and literal journey’s in hopes of growing that piggy bank. With these things in mind let’s consider four possible ways to earn income while traveling, or just in everyday life.

1.Host a networking event or mixer. 

What? A networking event with no start up capital? That’s exactly how they’re done.

The plan: First sort out local legal matters, make sure you are within your boundaries. Determine the layout, the plan, and the activities. Remember your goal is to try to produce money for others, this means networking the right people, the ones who want to meet each other. Then seek out potential benefactors, try to stick to one industry (preferably even one that you are very familiar with). Get people to pay in sponsor for specific portions of the event. Once all monetary bases are covered including activities, and potential contingency plan money (always prepare for the worst), prepare the event. Remember to start small, then take it up a notch the next time if you like.



2. Import.

Many people are making a killing through e-commerce these days.

The Plan: Seek out something the masses need, or perhaps look for a niche which impulse buyers will jump on. Commit to it, because the next step is to buy it in bulk. This can be done easily through overseas companies. Alibaba in China is a fantastic source of goods. Beware of complex machines as when purchased from China as they can be a gamble, and be sure to check the reviews on the company. Personal interaction with one of their sales associates is a must as the Alibaba website makes this quite easy. While waiting for the shipment you can easily set up a cheap URL through a company like GoDaddy. Create a WordPress site meant for e-commerce, this should take no longer than a few hours for a novice. When the shipment arrives, take the necessary photos, upload your product, advertise, and voila. Remember advertising is like a flower, it must be nurtured appropriately and it is delicate, don’t just throw money at one particular advertising source like Facebook; be thoughtful about the audience who will be receiving your product.

3. Host an online tutoring service.

Have an expertise? A particular skill which is not commonly found? No I’m not talking about Liam Neeson in Taken, I mean real world stuff… coding, a second language, an instrument, school help.

The plan: Once you’ve found your skill to share ( steer away from attempting to tutor anything which can be learned in a 5-minute YouTube video), establish a curriculum, if you need ideas lookup existing curriculums online pertaining to that particular subject; remember ‘originality’ is only as good as your ability to hide your sources! With the curriculum in hand, utilize the internet. You can establish a Facebook page, but I would always steer toward creating your own website as with a little intuition and effort they can look extremely professional; using the method in the second idea above is one of the fastest ways. One way to advertise yourself is through Google AdWords. These are modern-day billboards, the more money you pump into them the more you will be seen by the general public. Let your webpage be a very simple single sheet advertisement of yourself, and AdWords will bring the eyes. For simplicity’s sake you can use Skype as a means of holding these tutoring meetings, or you can just arrange to have them in person if you feel comfortable (although through video calls will always be faster and easier for both parties).


4. Teach ESL.

The last one is a little more complicated, but will pay off in major ways. Two minor caveats, you must be a native English speaker, and you must have a degree.

The plan: Once your degree is in hand, acquire a 120 hour TEFL certification. Believe it or not these are not too challenging. Search out an accredited school through Google, there are tons of them. The next step is to get hired by an ESL company. They are everywhere. Spain, Japan, France, Italy. I taught ESL in China for a three years myself before moving on to teaching High School (also in China). Here’s what I can tell you about ESL, and I know a lot. The most desired countries will be the most cliched ones, France, Japan etc. However profit margin to expenditure is pretty tight. If you want to make good money and also travel a lot, I would recommend developing countries like China, or Thailand. You can do 6 month contracts, save a ton of cash because the cost of living is very cheap and you’re traveling through Southeast Asia in no time.  What’s more, countries like China are starving for English teachers, so you’ll get a lot of side work with just a hint of talent. Some teachers were raking in $60-70 grand a year all things considered, with no apartment payment and insurance taken care of (these are optimal circumstances however). Doing this in an incredible global city like Shanghai is a life changing experience. Get hired through a website like Dave’s ESL cafe, or just seek out ESL specific websites to begin with, these companies are hiring constantly. Go With a reputable one, don’t trust smaller third world ESL companies as they can play very fast and loose with their contracts, some fast research through the web will help you find reviews. They’ll set you up on a plan to get a visa, and you should be flying in no time. Teaching in China is an experience you’ll never forget, there is a lot to see, and you’ll never be bored as you’ll be a short and cheap flight away from: Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia and the list goes on.

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