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Quintus, a men’s scent made completely in-house and totally organic: rare Sandalwood, Cigar Tobacco and Vietnamese coffee are all used in copious amounts to create this delicious fragrance embedded in a beeswax and olive oil foundation. Luxurious, rich, and musky.

Unmistakably masculine. This scent is rich with uncommon commodities, making it a truly exclusive luxury fragrance. Solid cologne is easy to use, easy to store and apply. This blend has a more buttery texture and also good as a beard balm. Ships within Hanoi.

200,000 VND + Shipping (**about 7 British pounds)


Adversio is an exotic, mysterious scent for sophisticated women made completely in-house with totally organic ingredients.

Layering inspiring notes of Frankincense and African orange flower over solid base notes of cloves and nutmeg in a beeswax and olive oil foundation, this fragrance has a scent that leaves a lasting impression without being overwhelming. Perfect for evening it surrounds you with an air of delicate beauty and grace whether you’re dining, dancing, or getting close to that special someone.

200,000 VND + Shipping


(Sold out) Veritas, A unisex scent created in the free spirit of adventure. A gorgeous blend of mandarin, bergamot, and ylang ylang, you’ll smell crisp and refreshing like a mountain breeze while trotting the globe.


200,000 VND + Shipping


I purchased Quintus just recently; smells unlike any cologne I've had before (the sandalwood and tobacco really come through). Completely unique and very addictive.
Trent H.
Really lovely scent (*Adversio)...was worried it would be manly, it is incredibly floral and spicy, great for bringing on flights as well.
Lana S.
I am pleased with what I received as Quintus was unexpectedly good, smoky and sweet at the same time. Thanks for a solid product gents.
Spiro D.
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