Portia & Mitch On the Road

Portia Canning grew up in south east Queensland Australia until the age of 13 when her family moved to Cairns, Far North Queensland. There she attended high school and met Mitchell. After completing school she lived in France for three months as an au pair and returned to begin a bachelor of Nursing Science at university. After a year of study she decided to take another gap year and work on the tourist boats on the Great Barrier Reef where she became a qualified Dive Master. After a year of working in the dive industry she and Mitchell decided to embark on their current adventure of travelling around Australia.

Mitchell Jeanes is from Melbourne Victoria, Australia. As a young boy he travelled Australia with his Mum, Dad and older sister. Mitchell is a Chef by trade, but his real passion is four wheel driving and camping, as he has always loved the outdoors. As a young boy he and his dad would go camping and fishing as often as they could and now that Mitchell has his own truck the passion has just grown more and more. Mitchell hopes to travel Australia for as long as possible with Portia until he find a nice place to settle down for a while.

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RareJaunt: How old were you when you first went over seas?

Although it wasn’t overseas, We left to start our travels around our home country of Australia together at the age of 20. 

RJ: What do you remember about your first travel experience, or what was your first travel memory ?

Portia – My first travelling experience was a school trip to New Zealand. 

Mitchell – My first travelling experience was driving around Australia with my family when I was young.

RJ: What would you never travel without ?

We always have a camera with us to capture the amazing landscapes and wildlife. Its always fun to look through old photo and re-live those memories. 

RJ: Where is the nicest place you have stayed ?  

Broome, Western Australia; The beaches are gorgeous, the atmosphere is relaxed and the red dirt has an amazing contrast with the white sand and blue oceans. 

RJ: If you could recommend a place to a fellow traveler, where would it be?

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory; There are so many things to see and amazing swimming holes and water falls that are easily accessible.

RJ: Describe a culinary experience that stands out from a vacation abroad.

The best food we make is always cooked on an open fire.

RJ: What is your idea of an enjoyable vacation?

Camping somewhere off the beaten track with water nearby to either swim or fish. 

RJ: Who would be your ideal travelling companion?

Each other, you should travel with someone that shares your interests and enjoys the same activities and lifestyle as you.

RJ: What do you miss the most when you are away from home?


RJ: Where is next on your list of places to travel to? why?

The next adventure for us will be The Kimberly region in Western Australia followed by the Western Australian coast line. There is amazing landscapes and beaches to be found along with Australia’s famous animal life and culture.


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