Pathfinder Awards is proud to announce our first in the new bi-annual series, the Pathfinder Awards. Our segments will be simple but spanning the entire globe: best in dining, best in accommodation, and best in transport (flights, tour companies and so-on). Let’s begin.


Best in Dining:

Bridges Bali, Ubud Bali

Beyond all doubt, one of the best dining experiences of our lives. Carefully and exquisitely prepared dishes overlooking a jungle waterfall and as you may have guessed, a bridge. The atmosphere was excellent, seamlessly blending the lush greenery with a modern and gorgeously decorated interior, it was truly a site to behold.


Lastly but certainly not least, the food. To start with, a full wine bar with an extensive selection was certainly something to be marveled at and taken advantage of if it suits you; the cocktails however were delicately crafted works of art. The food is an incredible fusion of Balinese and Western influence, sure to delight any serious culinary explorer.

Our tip: during after-dinner wine, be sure to order the cheeseboard, you will not be disappointed.



Best in Accommodation

Artisan Boutique Hotel, Hanoi

From the sincerely warm welcome to the lovely interior adorned with old world Vietnam meets French colonial influence, the Artisan is not one to miss. When you check in you’re greeted by someone gorgeously clothed in authentic Vietnamese formal wear, who will usher you to the desk in this quaint establishment where you’re promptly treated to first class service at very cost-effective prices. The rooms are done up with a colorful modern Vietnamese flavor, many of them having a balcony overlooking the tight and bustling streets of Hanoi.

For breakfast, you can head over the hotel’s sister café overlooking the street for an excellent local breakfast. One of the best perks of course is the Artisan’s central location, as you’re moments from Hoan Kiem lake and a short distance from West Lake in addition to several other major spots.

Our tip: While in Hanoi, put off the restaurants for a day or two to truly sample and savor what could be considered some of the best street food on earth.




Best in Transport

ANA (All Nippon Airlines), Japan

Based out of Tokyo, Japan’s only 5 Star airline is fantastic. From the soothing music and relaxing videos that they play to calm manic travelers, to the precision execution of every step of their jobs (in a way only the Japanese can). Service with a smile goes beyond saying when you step aboard any one of ANA’s mostly new fleet of aircraft as all of the trained crew members resonate high degrees of airline acumen. First, business, premium, and economy classes all echo a sense of opulence due to the immaculately maintained cabins found in ANA’s fleet; coupled with attentive crew members, and excellent pilots, even the most discerning customer is sure to be pleased.

Our tip: Go to Japan during the shoulder seasons (spring/autumn), in the spring you can witness the Cherry Blossoms in all their glory, and in the autumn the gorgeous colors of the vegetation; this will also help one avoid the extreme temperatures of the winter and summer seasons (although they have their *perks too! {**Sapporo Ice Festival**})

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