RareJaunt’s Top Picks for the Quarter

We decided to shine a little light on some lesser-talked-about places that deserve your full attention. Read below for a quick run-down and book your tickets today!

Lisbon, Portugal

Situated at the mouth of the Tagus River, Lisbon is home to the Parque Florestal de Monsanto or Monsato Forest Park which takes up roughly 10% of the city. Lisbon itself is a fascinating mixture of hills, alleyways, and ruins. One can get lost journeying on one of the many funiculars throughout the city or spend a lazy afternoon on the beach. Fresh fish and shellfish are found on almost every menu, as are a variety of wines from the region.

  • Lisbon boasts an Oceanic climate, with one of the warmest Winters in Europe.
  • Broken up in to Bairros or neighbourhoods, the following are not to be missed:
  1. Chiado is great for shopping, visiting the theatre, in addition to being full of trendy cafes and restaurants.
  2. Principe Real for sophistication, fine dining, hip bars and tasty coffee
  3. Baixa – full of tourist traps, although worth a visit nonetheless
  4. Cais de Sodre has undergone a transformation in recent years from a place rife with seediness to a gentrified hip bar and club district
  5. Alfama and So – for those looking for tradition and history

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Often overlooked in favour of the more well-known Taipei, Kaohsiung has its own unique charm. Located in the balmy south-west of the island, it boasts its own series of night markets where one can feast on the local cuisine and sip beer until the wee hours of the morning.

While Rui Feng night market is arguably the most famous, there are a series of other night markets that offer their own brand of personality. Kaisyuan is the biggest night market in Asia! You can read more at https://www.englishintaiwan.com/shopping-in-taiwan/kaohsiung-night-markets-a-complete-guide

  1. Pier 2 Art Center is a must for those craving some local art, or a place to sip coffee in a trendy atmosphere.
  2. Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum – iconic, and a great place for photography, this museum is nestled amongst the verdant hillside and can be visited by followers of Buddhism or those just wanting to enjoy the eye-watering scenery
  3. Sizihwan Beach – although now home to sprawling resorts, this is a great place to take in a spectacular ocean sunset
  4. Qijin District where you can visit Qihou Market, or skip across to Cijin island for some delicious seafood
  5. Take a day trip to Tainan for the cuisine

Our Taiwanese friend from Kaohsiung, Carol not only recommended visiting Kaohsiung during the Dragon Boat Festival in June, but also suggested a good day itinerary –

 “My opinion is Fo Guanf Shan Buddha Museum in the morning . In the afternoon visit The Formosa Boulevard Station for about 30 minutes then The Pier-2 Art Center, followed by Sizihwan , then Cijin for a dinner of seafood.”



Described as “overlooked and underrated” by @runawayteachertravels “Uruguay has little bit of everything. There’s history, culture, big cities, beautiful beaches, and some of the nicest people. It’s a shame that being between Brazil and Argentina, it’s often passed over.”

  • Below is a run-down of some places to visit whilst in Uruguay:
  1. Montevideo – the capital, but also a bustling port city. Bursting with lush parks and beautiful architecture, this should be a stop on any visitors list.
  2. Punta Del Diablo – overlooking the ocean, this picturesque town has a sweeping array of brightly coloured houses, great for those looking for a scenic snap.
  3. Colonia Del Sacremento – one of the oldest towns in Uruguay, Colonia Del Sacremento directly overlooks Buenos Aires in Argentina. Another picturesque town, this one boasts being a UNESCO World Heritage site. And with good reason! Cobblestone walkways and quaint churches nestle amongst the town’s ancient homes.
  4. Thermal Baths – take a day off to relax in one of Uruguay’s many thermal baths.
  5. Teatro Solis for performance arts

Casapueblo – described by the Telegraph’s Peter Mason as “The world’s most eccentric hotel.” Lying on the southern coast of the country, Casapueblo is a sprawling mass of glistening “whitewashed concrete in a strange style influenced by the oven-like mud nests of the local hornero birds.”

Read more on what to do and see, and plan your trip there by visiting www.runawayteachertravels.com/uruguay-guide-overlooked-underrated/

Thank you for reading our quarterly picks, and be sure to write to us at cheers@rarejaunt.com for any personal recommendations.