London’s Hidden Bars has had the rare opportunity to experience some of the world’s best bars ranging from little local watering holes to opulent cocktail evenings. With both founders originating from cities globally known for their hospitality industries (Vegas and London), and having traversed much of the planet in search of international fire water unique and worthy of it’s name and nation; we’re prepared to bring a unique yet brief list which will more than merit your night out on the town (just be sure to bring pals). It’s worth noting that this list is not complete as there are so many more spots worth mentioning However, we thought we’d share a couple of the good ones to begin with. So now, with no further delay, we bring you’s top hidden London drinking spots.



The Mayor of Scaredy-Cat town. Located in Moorgate.


We came upon this establishment after a night out eating at a local Indian joint in Brick Lane, a local back-alley hotspot with tons of entertaining sites and sounds. We were led by a local to a ‘breakfast hotspot’ called The Breakfast Club, located near the city center which looked a little like an upmarket Denny’s. As I waited toward the back of our small group, completely unaware of what was going on, the man who led us there asked the host to “take us to the mayor of scaredy-cat town”. The host promptly led us to the kitchen where he walked us to a refrigerator and beckoned us inside. We all walked in and were brought to a hidden staircase which took us into the basement, where the concealed bar was located. The novelty was palpable as we continued to talk about how interesting the place was for minutes into the experience. In all frankness, the drinks were fairly standard yet cost effective, but the ambiance and service were great. A truly memorable experience.


The Discount Suit Company – Near Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street Station

Credited as one of the top “hidden pubs” in London, and somewhat difficult to find, The Discount Suit Company is well worth the trouble. Formerly a storage-house for a suit company, the pub has maintained the name, similar settings in addition to the original sign as a homage to the original company. While the Discount suit company offers a casual atmosphere for the laid back attendee, their product is anything but. Highly skilled bartenders craft works of art with clever little names such as “Bold Ruler” and “Picadura”.


Happiness Forgets- Located in the Basement, 8-9 Hoxton Square, London


Easily the most popular hidden spot in London, Happiness Forgets carries a reputation throughout much of Europe, and possibly inter-continentally. When planning a night out at one of Europe’s most prominent hidden gems, be sure to book weeks in advance as it’s unlikely you’ll get a table, on any day of the week. Many of the drinks hearken back to the opening of the pub and are produced with exquisite quality. Minimalist, candle-lit yet high energy simultaneously make this pub well worth your night on the town.