Jenna Bewsher On the Road

Jenna is a 20-year-old girl from Cheshire in England who is always on the lookout for new and exciting adventures. From a young age she loved discovering new places and the feeling only became heightened after learning to drive. Jenna discovered that she had a great passion for spontaneous road trips using her first summer as a newly qualified driver to tour the length and breadth of Britain. To date, Jenna has covered over 50,000 miles in 4 years and has road-tripped through Spain, France and Belgium. Some months ago Jenna, along with her boyfriend Connor, set off on their biggest road trip yet – touring Europe for 9 months. At the time of the interview, the trip has taken them through 9 countries with a further 12 still to go!

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We asked Jenna to share some of her travel experiences with us in the interview below:

RareJaunt: How old were you when you first went overseas?

As my parents were also keen travellers, I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of the world even from a very young age with my first overseas trip being taken at only a few months old to the Bahamas!

RJ: What is your first vivid travel memory?

My first travel memory is being too young to ride on a camel in Egypt so instead being put in a large bag attached to the side of the camel’s saddle. I remember I found it completely hilarious which made me giggle with joy for the entire ride!


RJ: What would you never travel without?

 I would never be able to travel without some form of camera or a notebook. I like to be able to vividly remember my travel experiences and find having small photos with a note on them or a page of writing about the experience the perfect way to ensure all those wonderful memories come rushing back as colourful and clear as when experiencing them at the time.

RJ: Where is the most enjoyable place you have stayed? Why was it memorable?

The nicest establishment I have ever stayed in was in the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in Runaway Bay in Jamaica. It was so beautiful with its turquoise sea and mini bungalows dotted along the beach front and throughout its tropical grounds, it really felt like I was in paradise! On top of this the activities I was able to participate in included catamaran sailing, scuba diving, horse riding in the sea and climbing Dunn’s River Falls. It is here I began to realize my love for travel involved activities and adventures.

RJ: Where would you recommend to any would-be travelers?

If I was to recommend a place to a fellow traveller it would have to either be Jamaica (for all the reasons I mentioned previously) or Norway. Norway is the most recent destination I have been to and I was blown away by its dramatic natural beauty. The mountains and fjords give this country a breathtaking landscape and one that I feel is completely unique from anywhere else in the world. On top of this there is so much to do in the way of hiking and adventure/wildlife activities. I think it would be next to impossible to ever get bored of this country!

RJ: What has been a stand-out culinary experience during your time traveling?

One culinary experience that really stands out for me was during a recent visit to Estonia and its capital, Tallinn. Tallinn is a very old city that still today likes to showcase its medieval history. We located a truly authentic tavern called The Three Dragons, where the whole place was completely void of electric light and was instead lit entirely by candles. We were served by staff wearing traditional clothing and were given large bowls of elk broth, a wild boar and elk pie and a large tankard of traditional mulled wine served straight out of a huge barrel. The food tasted incredible and in particular the elk broth with its rich, aromatic and unique flavour!

RJ: What, to you, would be a “perfect” vacation?

My idea of an enjoyable vacation is one that’s full of adventure, experiences and a touch of the unexpected. I love to visit places that have outstanding natural beauty with the large majority of that either coming from the mountains, lakes, forests or oceans. Although I can appreciate the city, I am a lover of the wilderness at heart and constantly find myself longing to be somewhere beautiful where I can either climb a mountain or swim.

RJ: Who is your ideal travel companion, and why?

I am lucky enough in that I am already able to undertake all my adventures with my ideal travel companion, as it is my boyfriend, Connor (second only to my dog!) He makes travelling so easy as he shares my passions and so there are hardly ever any conflicting ideas about where we want to go and what activities we want to do. We are both very ‘outdoorsy’ people, so our ideas of what makes a perfect adventure are very similar. This makes extremely fun and exciting travels.

RJ: What do you miss the most when you are away from home?

The thing I miss most when I am away from home is my dog, Astra! When travelling in my home country he comes along with us on pretty much every adventure and is even used to spending nights in our tent when we go away camping! He is the most photogenic, hilarious, loving, human-like dog I have ever met and when we spend time away from him it is always heart-breaking.

RJ: Which place do you believe to be underrated, and which place overrated? Why?

Latvia is a country I believe to be underrated. We absolutely loved our time in this country and especially in its capital, Riga, which is buzzing with rich culture and full of beautiful architecture. The people are so warm and welcoming which really makes you feel at ease. You are able to enjoy the city to its fullest! Latvia also has its fair share of dense forests and wildlife (including wolves) so it is also a great place for people who enjoy the wilder side of travel. A place I feel is slightly overrated is Dubai. Although the resort we stayed on was beautiful and the older parts of its towns were very interesting I found that, for me personally, the large majority of it was a bit too built up and crowded for my liking. However, saying that I would still recommend at least one visit there.

RJ: So, what’s next for you in terms of travel?

The next location on my travel list is a road trip through America. I have only ever been to two of the states and America is so vast! The idea of being able to cover such a huge amount of ground and such a range of different areas without having to get on a plane is extremely appealing to me. Also, the huge amount of wilderness that America has to offer is attractive.

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