ILF English Teaching Certification

TEFL courses continually have the highest return on investment of nearly any certification, as they can get you jobs in multiple countries and are typically moderately priced at around $200-$1,500. Not ours. ILF offers one of the top TEFL certifications for under $100.00.
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ILF Course Breakdown

Unit 1. Introduction and classroom methodologies

Unit 2. Grammar and Vocabulary

Unit 3. Listening

Unit 4. Speaking

Unit 5. Reading

Unit 6. Classroom management

Unit 7. Lesson Planning

In addition to the unit lessons, placed sporadically within the course will be:

3 Written Assignments

4 Quizzes

1 Final Test

Upon successful completion of our 40-hour Teaching English Online Course, you will receive a digital TEFL/TESOL certificate that you can proudly add to your resume. Hard-copy certificates can be shipped upon request but will be subject to print and shipping charges.

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