Busan Korea: A Layover Itinerary

We went to Busan. It was good. Expensive as well; maybe not Iceland expensive, more on par with Japan. Good nonetheless. Rich with culture, unexpected flavors, and endlessly accommodating to outsiders such as ourselves. We really hope to return at some point soon. 

This is Rarejaunt.com’s 24 hour itinerary. This list is for the fleet-footed. A person ready to tackle the day. Not for the faint of heart, so be ready to cover some serious ground. We’ve bunched areas together and given you a list of doable sites which could be covered in a 24 hour layover. Nuanced? You won’t be smelling roses on this tour. Will you see the good stuff? A lot of it. Tie your shoelaces and pound that espresso, be prepared to enjoy one of Korea’s best cities.