Seren Berry, Surf-Yoga Instructor, Gran Canaria

Rarejaunt.Com proudly presents featured traveler, Seren Berry. From living abroad in China to gaining her yoga certification on a permaculture farm in Guatemala, Seren’s journey around the world is a fascinating one and we’re proud to feature her.   Learn more about Seren’s surf yoga classes at or her Facebook page at   […]

Chauna Travel_Buggs

  Chauna is a traveler by nature and always on the search for new experiences. After being asked by friends time and again for travel tips, she decided to start her own blog to help others plan their adventures. Her day job organizing exchange trips for international professionals gives her unique perspectives on sharing culture, […]

Keeping Cool in Kabul – Prasanna Vee

Prasanna Vee is an voracious adventure traveler and blogger. You can follow his travels by either visiting his personal website: or Instagram: @travelcurry Afghanistan is the kind of destination your Foreign office typically advises against all but essential travel. But nothing excites a jaded traveler than venturing beyond a virtual wall to see what exists […]

Hangzhou for $100

We’re pleased to bring you a day-long itinerary for Hangzhou, one of the most famous cities for travel among Chinese locals. It is located right at the heart of a trifecta of excellent jaunts (Suzhou and Shanghai both a short bullet train ride from each other). We’re leaving airfare costs out considering that there are […]

Las Vegas in a Moment

A Las Vegas itinerary brought to you by Johnny Mac, as only he can….our map will be posted soon as well!    

Facing the Peak of Fear

Facing the Peak of Fear by Shyla Ann   Shyla is 20 years old and has a deep love for adventure. She has a passion for writing and inspiring people through her words and loves being able to use her blog as a place to share personal moments and experiences, along with outdoor tips and […]

Getting Unplugged in Micronesia – Prasanna Vee

To read more about Prasanna’s travels, head to Located way out in the middle of the Pacific, Pohnpei is a compact & charming island to which no one you know has probably ever been. It belongs to the widely scattered Federated States of Micronesia, which also includes the archipelago Chuuk and the islands Yap […]

Hong Kong in a Moment

Mel finally did it…she got around to Hong Kong in a Moment…she loves this city, she’s been there a multitude of times over the better part of a decade. She is second to none when it comes to sniffing out excellent little hidden joints…Enjoy  

Featured Traveler: Bob Finnegan

Bob is from Dublin, Ireland. Addicted to travel since 2005 after a too short month of backpacking around Europe. The following year he moved to Australia with a number of stops along the way and since then he has been blessed to experience incredible (mis)adventures through Asia, Africa, Europe (again) and the Americas seeing the […]