30 Things to do in Taipei

Come join Sam and Audrey as they visit Taipei (臺北市) in this travel guide covering the best 30 things to do in Taipei, Taiwan (中華民國). When it comes to dynamic cities in Asia worth visiting Taipei may be the most underrated. You’ll be hard pressed to find a city that offers better street food, night […]

41 Next Level Hotels by Insider Travel

41 Next-Level Hotels by our pals at Insider Our friends at Insider Travel have given us their list of extraordinary hotels best known for giving patrons a truly unique experience. Be sure to check out the video below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdkxZLfvm6Y

Busan, Korea: A Layover Itinerary

Busan Korea: A Layover Itinerary We went to Busan. It was good. Expensive as well; maybe not Iceland expensive, more on par with Japan. Good nonetheless. Rich with culture, unexpected flavors, and endlessly accommodating to outsiders such as ourselves. We really hope to return at some point soon.  This is Rarejaunt.com’s 24 hour itinerary. This […]

Houston in a Moment

The sites, the food, the bats…only as Johnny Mac can. Rarejaunt.com’s Houston in a moment.    

Jaunting in the Middle East

by Mel It was past midnight. I was alone, having wished Jackie a Happy New Year and goodnight. Set up in her downstairs living room with an air-mattress and blanket, and plagued as usual by insomnia, I started to rifle through her CD collection. I often teased Jackie about her music taste, and yet we […]

Java, Indonesia: A Cultural Wonderland

Java, Indonesia lies to the Southeast of Malaysia to the West of it’s popular sister-island Bali and to the East of Sumatra. Java is a diverse and beautiful island with a large population. Edu, from Java Private Tour gave RareJaunt a little insight on what to expect when visiting and why you should pick his […]

Secondary income ideas

The prospect of earning a secondary income, or better yet, being paid to travel while earning money remotely is enticing to most.  It can mean a bolstering of personal monetary wealth, providing freedom to travel seemingly endlessly, and allowance for more than the occasional indulgence. To those not savvy to the means of doing so, […]

Patrick Mackay talks to an old friend…

 Patrick worked as a Early Childhood Educator for 30 years, 25 of them running a preschool he started when he was 22. He then took on a new challenge when cannabis became legal in the U.S., working as a Union organizer in that industry throughout the Western States. He’s also managed to squeeze Paper Boy, […]

Treat yourself to a luxury eco-getaway in the beautiful Philippines

Eco Hotel Philippines is a three year old chain of green hotels. They make use of environmentally sound practices from construction to day-to-day operations. Their mission is to positively impact their local communities and be a positive influence to all their guests and fellow hoteliers. To learn more about their hotels, visit: https://www.ecohotels.com.ph/ or add on […]

Seren Berry, Surf-Yoga Instructor, Gran Canaria

Rarejaunt.Com proudly presents featured traveler, Seren Berry. From living abroad in China to gaining her yoga certification on a permaculture farm in Guatemala, Seren’s journey around the world is a fascinating one and we’re proud to feature her.   Learn more about Seren’s surf yoga classes at   http://atlantissurfhostel.de/en/surf-yoga/ or her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/yogawithseren/   […]