In mid 2011, Mel, an experienced British traveler, and Aleko, a Las Vegas native got married at a tiny golf course wedding with less than 30 people attending; both holding much anticipation for the future. The couple had sold almost all of their worldly possessions, abandoned their mundane 9-5 jobs, and left the U.S. with one way tickets to Thailand and India not knowing what to expect. What was foreseen as being a six month jaunt in two beautiful countries transformed into a decade-long sweeping adventure across Asia, Europe, and North America which included new friends, wonderful food, amazing cultures, and an incredible adventure.
Seren grew up in the Welsh countryside, an outstandingly beautiful place, but had always craved excitement and adventure. A year of teaching in China turned into nearly 4, where she was lucky enough to travel to most countries in Asia. A trip to The U.S. and Guatemala last summer ( where she completed her Yoga Teacher Training) concreted the feeling that city life in China wasn't for her anymore, despite the great holidays and it's location as a spring board to many amazing countries. After another career and location U-turn she currently finds herself in the beautiful Gran Canaria, working as a yoga instructor. Gran Canaria is home to beautiful mountains, the bluest ocean you've ever seen, Europe's last "jungle" and vibrant food an culture.
Johnny Mac grew up in Southern California, spent three years in England and has a degree in corporate finance. He enjoys great food and entertainment, loves to play golf and prefers traveling to places where there is a lot to do both day and night. Johnny has been to a few countries in Europe and has seen a lot of Great Britain. He's traveled to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and has also visited various cities and states in the continental U.S. His favorite spots though? Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada beyond all doubt.